quinta-feira, 11 de março de 2010

A Little Atomic Bomb (Charles Bukowski)

Just give me a little atomic bomb
Not too mutch just a little
Enough to kill a horse in the street
But there aren't any horses in the street
Enough to knock the flowers from a bowl
But I don't see any flowers in a bowl
Enough then to frigthen my love
But I don't have any love
Well give me an atomic bomb then to scrub in my bathtub
like a dirty and lovable child
I've got a bathtub
Just a little bomb general
With pugnose
Pink ears
Smelling like underclothes in July
Do you think I'm crazy?
I think your crazy too
So the way you think.
Send me one before somebody else does.
Criado por Adam Long
Ilustrações de Tom Keating

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